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The Definition of Theater

Theater is defined as a place where plays are performed. It is an open air or indoor building that may include a stage and other

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Types of Musical Theatre

Musical theater is a genre of theatrical production that uses music and dance to communicate a story. It has a long history, originating in the

The Different Genres of Musical Theatre

The musical stage has evolved into several different genres. Musical theater is a popular form of entertainment that has been around for hundreds of years.

What Is a Musical Comedy?

There are many different kinds of theater, but there is one type of theater that has a special place in American culture: the musical. It

What Is a Musical?

A musical play is a musical piece of theatre that uses songs, dance, and other forms of entertainment to tell a story. It can be

What Is the Theatre Performance?

A theatrical performance is a representation of real or imagined life. It is often a presentation of a written text. Depending on the genre, it