The 3 Main Components of a Musical

Musical theater aims to bring people together and teach children about a variety of subjects, including social interaction, culture, and literature. Music helps establish time and place, while dances help tell a story. Some shows are primarily sung-through, while others feature dialogue that’s interwoven into the songs. A good show also tries to inspire empathy. It teaches kids to respect others and understand that “things can change, but they don’t have to stay the same.”

There are a variety of different components that go into a musical. The best ones have some common elements. However, the most important one is probably the spoken word. Acting brings the fictional characters to life. In the case of a musical, this is especially true. This is because the spoken word works as a multidimensional tool.

It can be as simple as a chorus or as complex as an orchestra. During the early 20th century, writers like Richard Rodgers and George M. Cohan helped create musicals that were cohesive. Other pioneers of the era included Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II, and Guy Bolton.

During the 19th century, music in a musical was usually decorative. Songs may have been popular tunes of the day, or they may have been interpolated standards.

Rhythm, on the other hand, is a combination of long durations with short rests that organize the sounds. To accomplish this feat, the meter is a system that enables the musical elements to fit together. Meter is also a term used to describe a specific tempo. Different beats have a different tempo.

The Wiz musical features black actors and dancers throughout. It makes use of a black-themed costuming scheme, a black-themed choreography, and a black-centric story. Likewise, Hamilton features a cast of non-white actors.

Another thing that a musical can do is make a political statement. That’s why Hamilton’s most recent production features Vice President Mike Pence, who attended the performance. He also read a statement regarding the administration of Donald Trump. While it was not without controversy, many people supported the play’s message.

The book of a musical is the storyline of a show. This is usually the most complex element of a musical. Although it’s usually only a small part of the production, it often serves as a reference for the audience. You can hear the story in the cast recording.

The best musicals have at least one song that really supports the story. Good lyricists will usually follow certain practices. They’ll also prefer imperfect rhyme or assonance.

Lastly, the show may include a spectacle, or something that enhances the audience’s experience of a live performance. For example, a chandelier can be a spectacular touch.

Ultimately, a musical has three primary components: a good story, great songs, and a well-made show. Combined, they impart a powerful message and encourage tolerance and friendship.

When looking for the best musical, it pays to keep these three things in mind. These elements may not be obvious to someone who has never watched a Broadway show, but they’re essential to creating a great show.

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